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Scott with Welder Ceasor
at Linders Specialties

Get Onboard With Skyride Technology

Scott is currently establishing SkyClubs, Skyride Technology franchises that bring the thrill of SRT to riders around the country.

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SkyTrack On Track for Test Launch

Exciting events are taking place in a Western Minnesota field. Scott Olson has built the first fully functional Skyride Technology track.

Dwayne drilling holes for the footings for third generation SkyBike

Drilling for SkyBike Footings

The SkyTower holds the SkyTrack in place. Each leg is made from recycled materials and is seven feet tall with a 24 inch diameter.

SkyTower SkyTrack

SkyTrack Fabrication SkyTrack FabricationEach SkyTrack is eight inches square and 40 feet long. The Tracks are fabricated by Linders Specialties in St. Paul, Minn. Scott is currently installing 700 feet of track at his test location.