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Scott's Rowker--Anything to Get You Moving

The Rowker was aptly named by Scott's daughter who described it as a cross between a rowing machine and a rocking horse.

While the Rowker was built for fun, Scott takes the rowing movement seriously. Scott is a fervent supporter of incorporating rowing into any fitness routine. Rowing machines, such as the Concept II Indoor rower, are an efficient, effective way to get in shape.

Scott enjoys cross-country skiing, but recent Minnesota winters have had little snow cover. He instead works out on a rowing machine to achieve a great full-body workout.

Scott continues to explore ways to bring rowing to the fitness community and take rowing workouts to the next level.

In the Works

Here's the Latest from Scott's Workshop

Skyride Technology

Skyride Technology (SRT) combines the thrill of an amusement park ride with the health benefits of full-body fitness. SkyBikers generate their own speed and motion while pedaling at their own pace along a SkyTrack suspended from a ceiling or overhead support.

Lunar Bed
Lunar Bed

A night under the stars is made even better by watching the sky in a Lunar Bed. This climate controlled, covered bed is ideal for stargazing without being distracted by bugs and bad weather.

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Rollerblade Cover
The Rollerblade Story

Scott is currently working on a memoir of his life in innovation and fitness titled, The Rollerblade Story: How the Wheels Got Going. It tells the story of how Scott founded what became Rollerblade, Inc., the company that established the modern inline skating industry and introduced the product that Time magazine later named one of the top 100 products of the 20th century.

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