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"The line of work that I'm in— inventing—can be stressful for most people. I believe by staying on a consistant exercise routine, I've been able to keep the stress from entering my mind and body. Staying active, I firmly believe, is very big part of it."



Fitness Tips

Pull up swing

Isometric Exercise

Scott finds that isometric exercises are as good as it can get for building strength, endurance and flexibilty.

Push ups, sit ups, pull ups and chin ups can easily fit into a busy schedule. The key with these exercises is that they all can be done anywhere, from your office, outdoors, in a TV room, even at the airport. These exercises all provide the same benefits as lifting weights.

What's great about isometric exercises is you have no excuses for not exercising. They are free, fast (as quick as 30 minutes)  and are a wonderful way to relieve stress.

For anyone planning to start a fitness routine, Scott's advice is start out with push ups and sit ups in sets that you can easily obtain. Keep adding a couple reps every day. You will be surpised how fast you will see and feel yourself getting fit.

So for anyone planning to start a fitness routine, Scott's advice is... just do something!


Pullup Swing Here is Scott playing around on
new ways of staying fit
Pushup bike