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Kong Pong History

Kong Pong grew out of Scott's love of ping pong. He enjoyed the excitment of the game and the all-over fitness benefits. But he didn't enjoy playing the game in a stuffy basement. Suddenly an idea came to him. Why not bring ping pong outdoors? He brought his conventional ping pong table outside and relished the increased playing space.

Then he was hit with another idea. Since he had more room to play, he could make the playing surface larger. Thus, Kong Pong was born. Scott took his idea into the shop and crafted an oversized table, perfect for outdoor, all-season play. The first rotating Kong Pong table took form after countless hours work. With a strong commitment to quality and expert help, Scott Olson built Kong Pong to be the ultimate in fun and fitness.

Watch the making of the Kong Pong frame

Kong Pong History