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Taking Lunar Bed for it test ride. Next stop, the closest site without light pollution.

Get Your Own Lunar Bed

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The Lunar Bed costs between $3,500-$5,000 depending on the size. Additional options such as size adjustments and carpeting are available for an extra cost.


Lunar Bed

Star-gazing just got easier. The Lunar Bed provides a bug-free, wind- and-weather-proof option for enjoying the night sky. The Lunar Bed is a climate-controlled, enclosed retreat that fits over a bed. It features a high-quality dome glass ceiling for looking out to the great outdoors. The Lunar bed is fully insulated and offers air-conditioning and heating for comfort during all seasons. An extension cord supplies power for additional electronic needs. Wheels offer easy mobilization and side windows accommodate ventilation and security.

This Lunar Bed is designed to be hitched to your car for easy transportation.

Lunar Bed

Dwayne doing his magic on the next the lunar bed.

Lunar Bed

Scott helping out with the next Lunar Bed. This one will be
ready to travel. Just hitch it up to a car and head for the hills.

Lunar Bed

Dog in Lunar Bed
Just like your bed in the house, the dogs love to rest and relax in the Lunar Bed. A Great way to keep an eye on your best friend.