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Pull ups

"Pull-ups are addicting - they pull you up physically and spiritually! You can do them any time and place, and they whip you into shape pronto.

The beauty of the the pull-up is that it's very honest. You're strictly using your muscles to defy gravity. It's a very complete work-out. And it's fun. What many people don't realize is that there are many ways to do a pull-up: wide grip, reverse grip, one-handed, behind the neck, etc. You can be creative with your pull-ups and tailor them to the muscles you want to work-out.

 I first tried doing a pull-up when I was a scrawny 9-year-old. I was hopeless and could barely hang on the bar, let alone pull myself up. I kept at it, though, and eventually got to do one. That was a big deal for me! One finally became two, two became three, until I was able to do sets of ten and by then, I was a lot stronger.

Pull-ups are unique because you can do them anywhere, they're a lot cheaper than joining an expensive health club, and the results are tangible."