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Scott is currently establishing SkyClubs, Skyride Technology franchises that bring the thrill of SRT to riders around the country.

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Skyride Technology: The Best of Biking, Flying and Roller Coaster Riding!

Skyride Technology (SRT) started out as a dream for me in the early 1990's. I loved the idea so much, I had some quick sketches produced just to keep the dream alive. The one drawing that stuck with me was an illustraton by extremely talented product designer, David Fowlkes Jr., who has invented and developed many of his own ideas. Check him out at

SkyBike Illustration Dave's drawing of SkyBike
My first drawing by
Dave Fowlkes, 1995
Second drawing by
Dave Fowlkes, 1995

My goal in creating SRT is to  Bring a whole new excitement to fitness workouts—to take athletes farther and faster than any human powered fitness machine currently does.

SkybikeSRT combines the exhilaration and fun of amusement park rides with full body fitness. When experiencing the thrill of SRT, SkyRiders sit comfortably inside a seat called the SkyCapsule. Using elliptical running, rowing, pedaling or arm cycling movement, riders   move the capsule along an elevated SkyTrack. No steering is needed. Riders experience a gentle, yet invigorating ride that   reaches speeds equatable to bicycling.

Similar to a chairlift, gondola or other amusement park ride, numerous SkyCapsules are connected to the SkyTrack, which is  supported either above the ground or suspended from the ceiling. SkyTrack can be installed in sections either as a single lane or multiple lanes and can be customized to desired specifications for indoor or outdoor use. Learn more about the SkyTrack.

Benefits of Skyride Technology

  • Provides a new state-of-the-art fitness workout
  • Adds variety, speed and excitement to a workout routine
  • Ideal for seniors, people with special needs, and the visually impaired, as the SkyRider is securely harnessed into the SkyCapsule. No steering is needed
  • Makes efficient use of indoor or outdoor space
  • Environmentally friendly—the land remains virtually untouched
  • Ideal for year-round use—imagine exercising in a warm SkyCapsule with snow or rain falling around you. Or in warmer climates, your SkyCapsule is air-conditioned!

SRT many applications include:

  • Sustainable Developments
  • Retirement Communities
  • Special Needs Centers
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Fitness and Sport Clubs
  • Mountain Ski Resort Towns
  • Urban Environments

SRT is safe, fast, quiet to use for people of all ages, abilities and 100% carbon free. SRT is excited to be part of the solution for sustainable transportation and a GREENER planet.

Skyride Technology
Skybike Model
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Skybike Model II Click to enlarge.

SkyRower Model Click to enlarge.

SkyBike Sketch
Two-minute drawing by Jim Hautman. See his amazing art at